Top Ten Best Places in Greece

These are the top ten best places to see in Greece. They contain many of the greatest wonders of ancient Greece and some of the most beautiful locations among its breath-taking mountains and sandy-beached islands. If you have a favorite place in Greece that is not on the list, do a comment on any of our “Recent Posts” pages and tell us what it is.


Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens, image by Christophe Meneboeuf cc-by-sa-3.0

 1.  Acropolis of Athens

The Parthenon graces the Acropolis of Athens and reminds us of the golden age that was crowned by this ancient city. And it does not stand alone, being accompanied by other gleaming temples of white marble, and the sculptures that show us the people of this legendary city that left us this marvelous bequest.

2.  Santorini

The tavernas on Santorini are the place to be at sunset for multicolored views over the remnants of its volcano amid the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And antiquity is not far away, with the excavation of Akrotiri still going on, yielding more gifts of artistic fresco paintings from 1550 BC.

3.  Meteora

The lofty mountains of Central Greece have some miracles of their own in the form of the monasteries at Meteora. They are perched atop rock pedestals that were reachable only by climbing rope ladders. Those were eventually replaced by rock steps carved into the face of the cliffs. A divine sight.

4.  Mykonos

The picturesque white-washed buildings in Mykonos Town — on the island bearing that same name — turn into a haven for lively nightlife when the sun goes down. And when you pull yourself out of bed in the morning, the sandy beaches await, along with boat connections to all the other Greek islands.

5.  Delphi

The gifted Oracle of Delphi presided here in the Temple of Apollo and was consulted by the leaders of all the major cities in ancient Greece before making any momentous decisions. The great theatre is still here along with others works that evoke the mysterious ways of the priestess and her ecstatic revelations.


Samaria Gorge
Samaria Gorge, image by Herr Lapplaender cc-by-sa-3.0 de

6.  Samaria Gorge

This stunningly beautiful passage among Herculean pillars of nature is found in Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete. It is about a ten-mile walk beside cypress and pine trees with birds of prey sometimes seen overhead and wildflowers at your feet. A peaceful journey among the mountains of Zeus.

7.  Knossos

The greatest palace of the ancient Minoans is still visible to a large extent at Knossos near the northern shore of Crete. These people preceded the Mycenaeans and bequeathed to them the heritage of filling palaces with fresco paintings and other arts. The archaeological museum in Heraklion displays many of their possessions.

8.  Thessaloniki

Founded at the time of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki is a cultural crossroads in Northern Greece. Being close to Turkey and Bulgaria, it is a showcase of Byzantine churches, Turkish baths and folk festivals. It is Greece’s second-largest city and mixes old-world charm with festivals and an active nightlife.

9.  Rhodes

The Knights of Saint John resided here and fortified Rhodes Town in Medieval days, and are still very much present in the quarter of the city dedicated to them. This island at the southern end of the Aegean Sea is close to Turkey but filled with Greek culture. Dine on fresh seafood in a small taverna and enjoy the live traditional music.

10. Olympia

This home of the first Olympics was a meeting place in the Pelopponesian peninsula for people from all Greek cities, where they could take time out from war and peacefully compete in athletic games. Marble columns and walls still stand where competitors once raced side by side for ancient glory and an olive-wreath crown.

Olympia in Greece
Olympia, home of the Olympics, image by John Karakatsanis cc-by-sa-2.0

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